2020-09-12 11:09:07

Yuvraj Singh is a well-known and highly respected name in the field of international cricket. His popularity as a cricketer is not restricted by any boundaries. He has displayed an immeasurable amount of talent and splendid game during his long cricketing career. He said goodbye to international and domestic cricket last year but as per the latest news, seems to be missing cricket and being on the field. And why not? All his former teammates are off to Dubai for IPL 2020. IT is only natural for him to miss the game. And Yuvraj has found a way out of this problem. Lately, the news of Yuvraj being interested in Big Bash League was doing rounds amongst the fans and cricket fraternity. Now this news is not a speculation or a rumour. Yuvraj Singh’s manager, Jason Warne has sealed this new with his confirmation that he is on the look for a franchise to accommodate Yuvraj in the latest season of BBL.


BBL, Big Bash League is an Australian professional franchise T20 cricket league. It was established in 2011 by Cricket Australia. This league features eight city-based franchises. Now the question is if such a format has been in existence why Indian players have maintained their distance from such an opportunity. The reason is the BCCI. Yes, the BCCI does not allow its active players to be a part of foreign leagues. BBL too does not boast of a great track record when it comes to cricket. The league has always been criticised for being more focused on marketing gimmicks rather than cricket. One reason for the substandard quality of the league was the absence of Indian cricketers from this format. BBL as an answer to BCCI’ s restriction, refrained from approaching active players and only retired players were able to become part of the league. Pravin Tambe was the first Indian player to break the mould and join a foreign league after his retirement and next in the queue is our very own, Yuvraj Singh.

Warne said, “We’re working with CA to find him a home.” Warned of W Sports & Media. Does not want to keep it a secret and this revelation has given voice to the players who have been criticising the BCCI for not giving permission to its players to be a part of foreign leagues.


It is not only Indian players who have been critical of the BCCI’s policy of restricting its players from joining foreign leagues. International cricketers like Shane Watson has come out in the open and talked about how Indian cricketers have been denied the opportunity of playing in foreign leagues. He also expressed his happiness over the new development and hopes that the things change for better. Watson said from Dubai, “It would be incredible for them to be able to play in these tournaments. That is the ideal situation. There are so many world-class T20 players in India that aren’t playing for India that could be potentially available to play in the Big Bash and other tournaments around the world. It that’s able to happen, that would make a massive difference.”

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