2020-09-10 17:50:30

A cricketer may retire from the field but can never retire himself from loving the sport that he had been head over heels in love with. That is why we can see many retired players on the ground for one reason on another. They find a way to stay connected to the sport which has given them the life they had always wanted and the passion they had always wanted to follow. Yuvraj Singh, a much loved Indian cricketer who retired from domestic and international cricket last year, is also looking for something similar. The player must be finding it difficult to stay off the field while all his friends and former teammates are off to Dubai to play IPL 2020. Yuvraj Singh who had been quite popular amongst the fans and his teammates is on the lookout for a new avenue in this new phase of his career.


BBL, Big Bash League is an Australian professional franchise T20 cricket league. It was established in 2011 by Cricket Australia. This league features eight city-based franchises. In India, Big Bah League is not that popular as Indian Cricketers do not participate in BBL. Not that the Indian players do not want to be a part of this league or Cricket Australia does not want international players to grace this tournament, but the reason is BCCI. BCCI does not want its active players to be a part of overseas leagues. But Yuvraj Singh is not bound by any contract with BCCI now which means he is free to explore new avenues of cricket. Cricket Australia is actively helping him in finding a team for himself.

Singh’s manager, Jason Warne has come out to speak openly about the fact that he has been in conversation with Cricket Australia to find a “home” for Yuvraj. Jason Warne of W Sports & Media seems to be determined to find a new field for the talented player. Yuvraj is a gifted player who played for his country in 2017, the last time. He has 8701 runs under his belt in One Day matches and can proudly boast of 111 wickets. He has spread same magic in 48 Test matches and 58 T20s that he has played in his splendid career. Such a cricketer and his game deserve to have a new life. And this is what Warne is trying to give to him.

This prospect seems to be very much welcomed by Cricket Australia too. Shane Watson who is the president of Australian Cricketers’ Association, has expressed his happiness over the possibility of Indian Cricketers becoming a part of the BBL. Watson said, “It would be incredible for them to be able to play these tournaments. That is the ideal situation. There are so many world-class T20 players in India that aren’t playing for India that could be potentially available to play in the Big Bash and the other tournaments around the world.”

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