2020-08-30 09:22:55

Indian Premier League season 2020 is all set to hit the floor. Players are enthused, teams are ready and fans are waiting. The countdown has begun and so has begun the tick of the pressure clock. The teams are not laden with one pressure, i.e. to bring the cup for their team, in this IPL season but a bigger task has been sitting on their shoulders since the announcement of this edition of IPL. This task is to maintain the security protocols, keep themselves and the team safe. This task is to get far, far away from anything that can lend them in a spot where they can be held responsible for breach of any security code. This will not be only irresponsible but can be heavily taxed for the entire team. Teams have started with their practice sessions, the team meets and reinforcement of all the rules and regulations which are necessary to be in place if BCCI wants to see this season as a successful one. Virat Kohli, staying ahead of every other captain, has already briefed his team about the bio-secure protocols and we would say rather too sternly.


Before we go on analysing what all the captain said to his team, let’s find out why he said what he said. Bio-bubble is an isolation measure to keep the team secure and safe from any threat of Covid-19. The teams under bio-bubble will be given access to only their respective hotels and grounds for practice. This means that players cannot utilize the IPL time for a little sight-seeing or exploration of their own. This also means no visitors, family members, no outings with the teammates or family members. After all, the bio-bubble safety measure has been created to keep the teams and players safe, thus, any breach of this bubble will not be tolerated by the board or as it is very clear from the RCB team meeting, by the skipper Virat Kohli.


Royal Challengers Bangalore recently had a virtual team meeting where the team did not only catch up after a long time but the rules and regulations for IPL were laid down in the open for the team to understand them and adapt them fully before the season starts. Amongst all the codes that the team players will have to follow during this IPL season, the most important one comes across to be a bio-secure bubble. A video was uploaded on the official RCB twitter handle recently which showed the team and RCB staff members., where Kohli laid out some rules as he wanted “everyone to be on the same page”.

Kohli stressed upon the importance of maintaining the bio-secure bubble and abiding by the rules to make the season a success. The skipper wants the team and staff members to understand how important it is like one little breach in the bio-secure bubble can “literally spoil the tournament.” Virat painted a colourful picture of the team’s practice sessions and expressed his happiness over getting back to the ground but all the time reminding them about the new normal. 

A good captain is one who can act as a role model for his team a bd Kohli tried to do just that when he stopped talking about the onus that falls upon the team and started to talk about the responsibility that falls upon each individual involved in the tournament. The skipper said, “For me, it’s all about what can I do to create an environment where everyone feels a part of the team equally and everyone feels responsible for where we want to go equally. And all of us have to do our part to do that, especially the seniors,”. Kohli’s mention of seniors again brings us to the point where he wants to set himself and other senior players as examples for the rest of the team to follow. 


We may understand the seriousness of the issue when it is not only a rule laid down but there is serious punishment if somebody takes the liberty of breaching the code. Kohli had to seek the assistance of RCB’s Director of Cricket Operations, Mike Hesson to make the teammates understand the gravity of the issue. Hesson explained the consequences that will follow if the code is breached. There are two categories to the breach of the bio-secure bubble, accidental breach and intentional breach. In the case of intentional breach of the bio-secure bubble, it will become a matter to be discussed between Franchise and the player as it will be a contractual issue. Hesson stressed upon the pint that the breach will be dealt with strictly. On the other hand, if the player is innocent and the breach is accidental, the player will be sent into isolation for 7 days. After this quarantine period of seven days the player will be tested for Covid-19 and only when the player tests negative, he will be allowed to join his team. But any of this, whether the player is removed for accidental or intentional breach, is not healthy for the team.


Virat Kohli too over the meeting again as he wanted to tell the team how important each one of them is for the success of the team and the tournament. It will be too heavy a price to lose any one of the teammates while the tournament is going on. The skipper said, “It might happen in a situation where the team cannot afford to lose the player.” This clearly shows how Virat wants his team to abide by all the rules so that his teammates have a fair chance of winning the trophy and of course he doesn’t want RCB to be labelled for the failure of the tournament “And if he does so, and we get harmed by it, the whole team, the whole system, the whole culture loses. I wanted to talk about it so that everyone understands the repercussions that might take place if we violate any of the rules,” Virat said. It is evident in his words how he wants this season to be the season of RCB.

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