2020-09-02 12:25:52

In our recent conversation with Mr Manoj Kushwah about the facelift of women’s cricket in India, he stated that cricket as a game has great scope in the near future. We saw that Poonam Yadav was the reason behind our victory in the curtain-raiser match against team Australia during the ICC womens T20 world cup 2020. Her googlies were difficult to decode by Australia’s batswomen and they were often seen clueless and answerless on the field. This promising bowler has over 46 ODIs on her name with over 72 wickets. On the other hand, during the T20Is, she has an amazing record of picking 89 wickets in only 63 matches. The last two years have been quite promising for this bowler. 

Poonam joined Coach Manoj in 2010. She had been playing since 2007. Coach Manoj backed Poonam throughout her journey.  He is a Level-1 coach at Agra and has been on the training field since 2010. He has coached both boys and girls in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. All his academies, as well as coaching stadiums, are well organised and equipped.

Talking about his training style he added that scientific training is what is required on the field. The batsman, as well as the bowlers, need to be physically as well as mentally fit.  

He says that cricket is the game of survival of the fittest. The game at this point and time requires qualified coaches. The old style of the game needs to change. The gym sessions for players have to be more rigorous. Talking further about the science behind the game, he stated that the players should also be provided with the right amount of nutrition. Thus, we need to give up on the old format and style of preparation and gear up for the 2020 revolution. This would require a lot of hard work and determination. 


Coach Manoj stated that hard work, discipline and dedication are the base whether it be education or sports. On needs to act professionally. Dedication and analysis will make you overcome every obstacle. 

He further wishes to move the chain forward and bring more domestic players on the International grounds. The changes in the selection process and the new rules and regulations would be changing the game. 

Coach Manoj also appreciated the efforts being poured in by Sourav Ganguly. He further added that BCCI is providing the right amount of facilities and provisions and is taking due care of the game under the stewardship of Sir Sourav Ganguly. 


COVID-19 has affected the entire world. But players have been on with their home workouts and fitness routines. “Safety is the priority at this point and time as we are all battling an invisible enemy,” says Coach Manoj. He further adds that “in order to accomplish something, one needs to begin as hard work is the key to success. And this is the right time to get back to the field and begin”.

There is definitely a difference between a home workout and ground workout. But unlock 4.0 has brought some good news for all sports fans. We expect to see the players back on the field for some real practice. For the players, with only 30% load at-home fitness was definitely a concern. But coach Manoj for sure that for the past few months the workout at home was definitely more beneficial than no workout at all. 


In the past, we saw the game dwindling as very few players participated in the game. This was thought to be an only men’s background and it was said that women have no space in the game. But today with coaches like Sir Manoj we have multiple players like, Pashavi Chopra, Rashi Kanojia, Kshama Singh, Muskan Malik etc. whom we are going to observe dominating the field in the near future. If further added that there are over 50 + girls in his academic currently and the scope for women's cricket in India is huge. The women IPL  is beginning and the world has its eyes on it. 


Sir Manoj Has high expectations from the coming generation. He wants to urge the parents of generation Z that they should analyse the hobbies of their young ones and not impose things unnecessarily on their children. He stated that Cricket is a game for both the genders and should not be only highlighted as men's game. Women/Girls today have taken over the game and are giving tough competition to the male’s team. 

Coach Manoj plans to bring out new talent onto the field and he says that the right ingredients for the same would be hard work, choosing the right path and without any second thought the role of the coach is equally important in bringing a player to the field. India has set its expectation on Coach Manoj and we are all waiting for Women’s IPL to begin and bring back the missing charm on the sports field.

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