2020-09-02 14:01:03

IPL’s 13th season is about to go on the field. This season is not like any other IPL season as it has fought its way to the ground. Players, teams, cricket boards, support staff, all are ready to see the opening of this special edition of IPL and the preparations are at peak. But just because IPL is taking place, doesn’t mean that Coronavirus has taken a break. The fear of the deadly disease still sits deep in the heart of people and our players are no different. 20th September is the day when IPL will start with its full swing. Teams have started with their practice sessions. Everyday players are reaching the venue. People have come out of the hibernation that the world-wide lockdown had caused but this start of activity has caused a rise in the cases of Covid-19 and our players are no different. Australian cricketers have raised a concern about the same and have also raised their doubts about being a part of 13th IPL season.


Covid-19 has taken down 13 of IPL’s personnel, out of which 2 are players. This is not a piece of good news for the participating teams and players and all the boards involved in IPL. This must have caused a panic among the players and few of them have already started to voice out their fear, for themselves and for the team. Josh Hazelwood, an Australian pacer has expressed his worry about the current situation.

Australian team, right now, is on their tour to England but that does not stop them from keeping tabs on the proceedings of IPL. The team is well aware of what’s going on with respect to the arrangements, preparations and also the status of Covid-19 cases in the IPL squad. Josh Hazelwood’s concern regarding Coronavirus has reached to such an extent that the player is rethinking about his decision of being a part of this IPL season. But the team does not want to rush to any decision. They would rather wait for the time when they have to travel to UAE for the tournament and Cricket Australia will be taken into consultation before any final decision is made about this uncertain departure.

The player said in a virtual interview, “There is a bit of concern. But the good thing is that IPL is still 20 days away and we will be thinking about it closer to the tournament. However, we will be having a chat with Cricket Australia before travelling to the UAE and will take closer to the tournament.”  Josh also mentioned that this is something the team will be thinking about later on. Right now, there is the focus is the series going on with England as they are surely looking forward to winning this series.


Josh Hazelwood is going to be an important part in this IPL for the Chennai Super Kings. This is his first time playing with CSK. The pacer surely was excited about his debut with CSK but it won’t be wrong to say that the two players who have been tested positive, have dampened his enthusiasm. But all the hope is not lost for the player. He thinks highly of the team and the players and expressed his love for his team freely. Hazelwood mentioned that the two Covid-19 positive cases would not hurt the performance of the team. Though the player is new to the team he has kept himself updated about the team dynamics. Josh talks of the team with high regard. He said that the team and players have been consistently making a place in play-offs and the player hopes this year to be the same, even with all the panic of Coronavirus in the air.

Hazelwood said, “We have a CSK WhatsApp group and I am quite informed about the things in the camp. CSK have been one of the most consistent sides in the IPL. They have been reaching the play-offs regularly and I hope this year won’t be any different. There is a lot of strength and depth on this side.” The last line by the player clearly shows his trust in the team and how much he wants to be part of the team. It would be a shame if Josh doesn’t play with CSK during this season. As he is a new addition to the team, it would be quite interesting to watch him sharing the field with players who have already established themselves as legends. How one addition can change the whole game is known to all the cricket fanatics.

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