2020-09-09 15:15:11

IPL’s 13th season is all the more special for India because it was surrounded by many apprehensions and anticipations. Finally, the 13th edition of IPL is upon us and it feels like a festival to the fans and the players, alike. All the teams have already reached the venue and have started with the quarantine that is the most essential part of this IPL. Royal Challengers Bangalore was one of the early birds to reach the destination.  The team had started early keeping in mind all the quarantine stays that they had to take. The team had gathered in Bengaluru and stayed put for seven days as their quarantine period and then along with the support staff, the team left for the IPL destination. Though skipper, Virat Kohli took a separate flight to UAE. Soon the Indian force of RCB was joined by the powerful players from South Africa. AB de Villiers, Dale Steyn and Chris Morris did not let their teammates wait for a long time and completed the line up soon.


Soon after the team had reached UAE, the players had to follow the protocols of this special season. The players, once checked for Covid-19, were sent to stay in isolation for six days. The players, though staying in the same hotel, were not allowed to meet each other which called for the virtual team and staff meeting and creative ideas to keep themselves busy. Some took refuge in lifting weights like captain Kohli, while some got creative with the available pieces of equipment like AB de Villiers. AB de Villiers posted a picture of himself, surrounded by all his bats, gloves, shoes and to top off the look, he wore a face shield. The creative photo shouted the message that the player was itching to get on the field.

One more news that brought a surge of happiness despite being personal to skipper Kohli, was a big announcement. Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma announced that they were expecting their first child, posting a happy picture of themselves. After the quarantine was over, this announcement brought an occasion of celebration for the team which was sealed with a cake cutting ceremony by the couple.


 Finally, the team was officially ready to come together and practice, After, a forced break of five moths the players hit the net. Practice sessions are followed by light breaks which give the players ample bonding time which is extremely necessary for better performance of the team. The players could be seen devising strategies in between the training and drill sessions. But all this practice calls for a little relaxation. The team is not supposed to go out so, the franchise has taken care of their entertainment. The team has a gaming arcade, pool table, a lounge for karaoke nights where they can take a relaxed breath after the intense training sessions of the day.

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