2020-09-09 15:07:46

IPL auctions are a subject of curiosity, apprehensions and anticipations, not only for the players but for their fans too. Since the start of IPL, auctions have been in the limelight and this year is no different. Auctions are creating buzz for giving chance to new players as well as leaving a few dependable ones behind. Cheteshwar Pujara is one such player who is making headlines for not being a part of this season of IPL as he has not been picked by any franchise. The player is considered to be an expert in the field of the red ball and is one of the most dependable Indian openers in Test Cricket. This specialisation seems to have gotten in his way. But Pujara is not bothered about not being picked and the player has his reasons.


Yes, Pujara has not been selected as a dependable player by any franchise in IPL but this does not make the player lose hope or think negatively about the format of the cricket. Rather, Pujara looks at the format of IPL quite objectively. The player is of the view that this is not an ego issue for him as he knows the game for it is. The player said in his conversation with PTI, “I feel that I am someone who will never have such egos because I have seen and known IPL auctions to be tricky.”

The player takes examples of talented players like Hashim Amla who had gone unsold at IPL auctions. Many other players who have exhibited great game on the field of IPL previously have not gotten selected this year. This does not mean that the players lack calibre. Pujara takes his positivity from such examples and keeps himself away from negative thoughts about being tagged as a Test format player. Though, the player is not oblivious to the fact that Indian cricket is influenced by public perception as per which Pujara is a successful player in the Test field. The player when asked about losing the opportunity of playing IPL because of being tagged as a Test player, lightly said, “I would say yes, it’s a perception being tagged as a Test player and I can’t do much about it.”

The player establishes himself as a sorted and calm player just like he does during the game. He made it very clear that all that he can control is his performance on the field and can work upon improvement. He is ready to prove himself in all the formats, provided, he is given a chance. Whether he will get an opportunity or not is not an aspect which comes under his control. But waiting comes in his kitty and the patient cricketer said that he was ready to wait for the right time.

The player was also asked whether he was “frustrated” about the fact that he will not be able to go to England for County matches this year, during the time of IPL. The cricketer displayed his positive attitude again and said that he was disappointed but not at all frustrated as the time is difficult for everybody.

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