2020-09-03 13:46:29

As the 13th edition of IPL is inching closer, anticipation about the teams, players and proceedings are all that a cricket fan can think of. This is not the showdown time but the preparations for the showdown are no less interesting. All eyes are set on the teams boarding and deboarding their flights as they reach the final destination, i.e. Dubai. Few teams have already set camp at their hotels in Dubai and others are on their way to join them. Teams are aware of the anticipation in the air that is why they keep the fans posted of their smallest moves. Kolkata Knight Riders also created headlines for their arrival in Abu Dhabi and that too, in vogue.


Kolkata Knight Riders became the third team to reach Dubai for the 13th season of IPL. Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals were the first ones to be at the venue. The arrival of three teams at the venue has given the players strength and conviction about the IPL 2020. Many had predicted the upcoming tournament would be a flop show. Some said the tournament is doomed to fail in the wake of Covid-19. But with the arrival of three teams in Dubai, it seems like the ball has started to roll.

We all are aware that IPL 2020 is taking place amidst a pandemic and no chances can be taken with the safety protocols. Team KKR ensured that no safety measure gets compromised during their transition to Dubai. The players were seen wearing gloves and masks during their flight, since the time they had reached the airport. All the team members underwent the testing process for Covid-19 and luckily all of them tested negative.

This IPL is special in one more aspect. All the teams are being transported to Dubai via charter flights. Board and franchisees are not willing to take any risks with the players and personnel and rightly so. Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals, both had reached the venue through charter planes and KKR also reached the base of the tournament through the same medium.

The tests do not stop here. KKRs will be tested when they land in Dubai and then the players who have been tested multiple times will undergo a six-day long quarantine. Though, the team will stay in the same hotel but will stay isolated, even from each other. During this isolation period too, the testing will go on. Cricketers will be tested on day 1, 3 and 6 of their isolation period and if they clear all these tests, they will be fit to enter the biosecure bubble which means no contact with family, relatives and no team outings. And the testing will go on every 5th day of the tournament to keep the IPL a COVID free zone.

Yes, there are a lot of tests but the patience that all the teams are showing towards these tough rules and regulations are enough to show the gravity of the situation.

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