2020-09-03 14:04:56

Since the buzz of IPL season 13 has been in the air, fans have been wondering about watching their favourite teams and players landing in Dubai for the final showdown. It has been some time now that the teams have started to reach the destinations of the latest edition of IPL. And as the hotels are getting filled with the players and personals, cricket fans have been holding their hearts for every news coming from Dubai. The latest news is quite satisfactory for the fans as it gives them a sense of completion. Finally, the IPL line-up is complete. Delhi Capitals and Sunrisers Hyderabad were the two teams which had not reached the venue yet but August 30, 2020, marked their arrival in Dubai.


Sunrisers Hyderabad made sure that they live up to their name as they arrived in bright orange t-shirts and matching masks. The team looked fit to be a part of a fashion campaign as not even a single member had breached the decided dress code. Delhi Capitals were not far behind in competing with the Sunrisers. The team was clad in blue t-shirts and looked cool like the colour that they were donning. The teams posed for several pictures on their way and their arrival which clearly shows how excited they are to join the other teams and start the practise sessions for the upcoming matches which are going to test their potential at every step.


Sunrisers Hyderabad and Delhi Capitals seems to be far away and detached even though their names but when it comes to camaraderie, teams do not shy away from standing up for each other and the environment too. Both these teams proved this during their flight from Delhi to Dubai. Sunrisers and Delhi Capitals share a flight from Mumbai which is their contribution in saving the environment. One more aspect that made this mix possible was COVID free players. All the cricketers were tested for Covid-19 before they boarded the flight for Dubai and luckily, all of them tested negative, making this unique flight-sharing experience possible. The teams showed complete responsibility while transiting with respect to the pandemic that has seized the world. Players were seen wearing all protective gears to ensure complete safety from Coronavirus. Teams’ efforts were complemented by the staff at the hotel which checked them again for any infection before they could go into isolation. And after this isolation begins the practice that would lead these teams to the field of IPL season 13.   

This is important to note here that the flight from Mumbai to Dubai brought only the Indian players to their IPL destination. International cricketers like Jason Roy and Kagiso Rabada would be leaving from their respective destinations to reach Dubai so that they can join their team. Sunrisers would also be waiting for David Warner and Kane Williamson to reach the venue and complete the team.

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