2020-09-12 11:04:41

IPL and the energy it has brought along with it is in the air and Board of Control for Cricket in India cannot be any happier. Something that seemed impossible a few months ago, is going to happen within days now. Fans are waiting with their held breaths for the 13th edition to start and teams are working day and night to present the game that the audience and the cricket field had deserved for months. Cricketers have started to come out of their forced slumber and several cricket tournaments have started to take place around the world, of course with proper care. The one tournament which is being awaited the most is the Indian Premier League. The league sees an amalgamation of domestic and international players every year and the mix is intoxicating for the cricket fanatics across the world. The teams have already reached the venue which is UAE for this season of IPL due to Covid-19. Teams are have started with their practice sessions and bonding time pictures sure look like the cricketers are having a great time, coming back to the field after a long time. The players who were flying from other parts of the world, either have reached or are on their way to the UAE. One such new arrival in UAE is Chris Lynn who finally has joined his team Mumbai Indians on September 8. Lynn was welcomed with open arms by the team.


Chris Lynn whose full name is Christopher Austin Lynn is an Australian batsman. He is a right-handed top-order batsman. Chris made his IPL debut in the year 2012. The first franchise that Chris associated with was Kolkata Knight Riders. He played with KKR up until 2019 and this year for the first time the batsman is going to appear on the field for Mumbai Indians. The player surely will have to go through the protocols set for the players landing in UAE for IPL. Lynn, like the rest of his teammates, will have to go through the isolation period so that the authorities can assure a safe game for each participating team. The isolation, though, was not a tough time for most of the players as they had found a way to enjoy and utilize that time. Chris, surely, would have something planned for the six days when he would not be able to attend the practice sessions or meet his teammates for arcade games which are quite popular with the teams this season as they cannot go for any outings. Chris would totally immerse himself in the training and practice sessions once he gets out of the isolation as the defending champions, Mumbai Indians are scheduled to have their opening match with Chennai Super Kings.

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