2020-09-27 09:58:52
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Kings XI Punjab doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to long lasting performance in the IPL but this year seems to be a little different. KL Rahul, the skipper of KXI Punjab, seems to be on the aggressive front as he decided to give rest to Gayle. Now, this is a decision which many might regret as Chris Gayle is a run machine and leaving him out of the playing XI can prove to be real costly. But KL Rahul managed more than fine in the absence of ‘The Universe Boss’. Though, in the first match, KL Rahul had to taste defeat in the Super Over but then came the thundering hundred of KL Rahul that did not only save the day but also cemented his position in the playing XI of Indian team. No one can deny the fact that IPL plays a pivotal role in deciding who will be and will not be apart of the Team India in the coming tournaments.


Dhoni, with his retirement from international cricket has left a void in the Indian team which is looking for a replacement. Now, it is not easy to fill in the big shoes of Dhoni and a lot of proving and convincing will go into this process. Seems like the players have already started to work on that. KL Rahul, with one smart move proved himself as a dependable player in the team where he could take the team to a win without any help from ‘The Universe Boss’.  On the other hand, as the smart player that Rahul is, he did not deny the need of Gayle in the team. Rather, he hinted that Gayle will be utilized as and when he is needed.

Rahul’s 132 off 69 balls were against Royal Challengers Bangalore. These 132 runs brought doom to the RCB but the bright side is that RCB skipper, Virat Kohli also happens to be the skipper of Team India. Would he not remember the sting of this match when it comes to choosing the new wicket keeper for Team India. Rahul is not the only one who is in the race to stand behind the big stumps. There is Delhi Capitals’ Rishabh Pant too, who must be itching to show his talent and make the choice tough for Virat Kohli. Then comes the third contender, Sanju Samson of Rajasthan Royals who has showed fiery moves against Chennai Super Kings. The competition for Rahul is becoming fiercer every day. Dinesh Karthik might also decide to jump in the race and make matters tougher. But before that Kohli needs to be prepared with his ground work as to who is going to put on the big gloves left behind by MS Dhoni. It sure is not going to be a cake walk for the competitors or the selectors.

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