2020-09-27 09:18:53
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13th edition of the Indian Premier League is taking place in UAE because of the pandemic and this is an old news now.as the IPL has even begun. But something that the players are finding new is the weather condition at the venue. Many players had already complained about the climatic conditions in UAE and how it has been difficult to play in such a weather but surprisingly, even Indian players are finding it difficult to cope with the weather. Recently, Mumbai Indians Captain, Rohit Sharma admitted to the fact that the hot and humid conditions at the venue “take a lot out of you”. Why is this surprising? Well, because India itself is a hot and humid country but the venues chosen for the IPL are generally the ones with pleasant weather. Thus, even Indian players are suffering equally.


The MI captain who was certainly enjoying his 49-run win over Kolkata Knight Riders, said that the weather conditions made it very difficult to continue playing for longer innings. The players need to strategies differently to play an efficient game on these pitches in this humid weather. The skipper said, “it was lesson for us that one set batsman needs to bat deep till the end”. This is what the player also tried to do when he came to support his team in the middle order. He tired to pull shots and successfully hit some sixes. We can say that the MI captain has been taking notes during the previous matches. The player was happy with his and the team’s performance and admitted that the strategies they had planned worked well. He even jokingly said that all his shots were so good that it was difficult to pick one.

Talking about the bowling attack of the team, the player told that the bowling attack was designed keeping in view the dimensions of Wankhede stadium as the players were not aware about the venue of the IPL. Sharma said, “We never knew that the IPL would happen in the UAE so we wanted a pace attack that was strong for the Wankhede”. Luckily the players found almost similar conditions on the UAE pitch as well. “The ball was seaming around for the first six overs” even at the Abu Dhabi stadium. Thus, the team had the chance of implementing the same strategies and it worked.

On the other side we had Dinesh Karthik, KKR skipper who did not have many complaints but the disappointment was visible on the skipper’s face. The players refrained from being “too analytical” about the game and wanted to stick to the points which need to be worked upon. He defended his bowlers Cummins and Morgan saying, “Pat Cummins and Morgan just finished their quarantine today. It is not easy to come in and play in this heat.” He also agreed that heat was a challenge and the batsman in the opposition did not make it any easier for the KKR.

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