2020-09-29 06:10:01
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Hardik Pandya has been a promising player since the beginning of his career but lately, we have not seen much of the player. For that matter, we have not seen much of any of the players for the last five months as the players were under forced break but now that the IPL has started, we can again see our favourite players on the field. But Pandya is still waiting to show his moves on the ground. If we believe the sources and the Mumbai Indians Director of Operations, Zaheer Khan, we won’t be seeing the player anytime soon. Pandya, like the other players, was not on a break but was going through a tough time. The cricketer was in London in November last year, where he was being treated. He had to undergo back surgery and came back to cricket in March. Now that the IPL is on, Pandya must be hoping to return to the game but in the first two matches of the Mumbai Indians Pandya did not get a chance to bowl. Now, what’s in store for the talented cricketer?


Zaheer Khan, the director of Operations for the team Mumbai Indians has spoken about Pandya’s health and his eagerness to join the team. Zaheer told that he is excited about making a come back to the team and the 13th season of the IPL but the management has to pay attention to his health and fitness. Zaheer understands the potential that the bowler has and also told that they are waiting for the time when Pandya would be able to bowl as he is someone capable of changing the dynamics of the game. But Zaheer did not forget to mention that keeping in view the advice from the consultant and the physios, they would “have to listen to his body”.

Hardik is a part of the team but has not got a chance to bowl. Zaheer is happy that Pandya is getting a chance to acquaint his body with the game again. Coming out of an injury is not easy, as per Zaheer. Thus, he wants Hardik to give time to his body before he can make a come back as a bowler in the team.

Zaheer also appreciated the bowling unit of the team and said that the bowlers have been able to build pressure on the batsmen, otherwise it is the other way round. Zaheer said, “you have to stay on top of the game, so that is something you have seen from our spinners in the last game and that is something you will see going forward.” Zaheer showed a lot of faith in the team and also mentioned about the practice sessions were in the bowlers are taking care of the conditions that they have to face during the matches.

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