2020-09-02 13:39:22

Gautam Gambhir has sparked a new debate saying that Dhoni is the right player to bat up the order for CSK in the IPL 2020. Former Indian skipper, MS Dhoni announced his retirement on August 15, 2020, and broke millions of hearts. Speculations about his retirement were already in the air after the World Cup 2019. As it always happens in the world of sports, one failure stamps the player as a failure and one success is enough to put the same player on the pedestal. Dhoni also had to bear the brunt of the defeat that the team faced during the World Cup 2019. Some fans openly declared that his time was over and some experts started to speculate about his career in hushed tones. But Dhoni is called Captain Cool for a reason. He maintained his calm throughout that tough phase and did not allow any false, half-cooked speculations to take decisions on his behalf. When he saw the right time, he announced his retirement with a bang and then we saw the humongous stature that Dhoni holds in the world of cricket and in the heart of his fans. There was a surge of sadness at his retirement which was eradicated only when the fans were convinced that we will get to see him in the 13th edition of IPL. And the news is true. Now we witness another aspect of Dhoni’s popularity, not only amongst his fans but former players too.


Gambhir recently went candid on Star Sports. On the show named, Cricket Connected, former Indian Opener, Gautam Gambhir appeared for an exclusive conversation where he shared his vision of the batting order of Chennai Super Kings. As per the experienced player, recently retired MS Dhoni should play at number 3. Gambhir puts forward valid reasons for his choice. Gambhir thinks that it will be the perfect place for Dhoni as he had been away from the cricket field for the last 1 year which means he needs to play more balls. More balls mean more exposure to the game, hence, Dhoni would get an opportunity to improve his game while he is playing on the field. Dhoni, if plays at number 3, can go on playing the anchor innings. Captain Cool has been playing anchor innings for India for the last few years. Looking at the analysis that Gambhir has made, the plan does not sound bad.

The cricketer has not thought of this batting order only to benefit Dhoni but he has laid out an extensive plan for the entire team. He seems to have analysed the strength of all the CSK cricketers before he opened up about this extensive plan. Gambhir told Star Sports that after Dhoni, CSK has Kedar Jadhav, Dwayne Bravo, Sam Curran, who will provide depth to the batting order. He also mentioned Raina’s absence from the game and told that the batting order suggested by him will take care of that too as the team needs an experienced player in Raina’s absence.

“So, MS Dhoni at No. 3 and then they have got depth with Kedar Jadhav Dwayne Bravo, Sam Curran, all those guys they can come in. So, I think it is going to be a great opportunity for someone like MS Dhoni and I am sure he is going to relish that. Also, Suresh Raina not being there, you want to have some experienced players batting at No. 3, so it could be MS Dhoni now,” the former cricketer expressed his well-thought plan in these words.

We might feel overwhelmed with all the predictions, plans and proceedings that follow the announcement of a tournament but this frenzy is what makes cricket a thrill, not just a sport. Gambhir has laid out his plan on the table for CSK. It is up to the team, the coaches, the players, what to take and what to leave. But it would sure be interesting to watch the players playing at the order decided by Gambhir. However, if CSK has some other plans, it wouldn’t be any less fun to compare both the plans against each other.

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