2020-09-02 12:13:43

In a recent interview, Buchanan who was terminated before the 2010 season as Kolkata Knight Riders coach stated that Sourav Ganguly was never suited for the T20 format.

Sourav Chandidas Ganguly popularly known as DADA who is the Indian cricket administrator, Commantrator and former national cricket team caption who has to his name the presidential title of The Board Of Control Cricket in India is famous for his performance on the field. This former Indian caption has a successful career both in Test as well as ODIs. This left-handed batsman was one of the most successful captains of the Indian team when he retired from cricket.

The Kolkata Knight Riders team pulled in Sourav Ganguly in 2008 as the caption of their team even before the start of the inaugural season of the famous Indian Premier League. It was both a big question along with a big relief for all the Ganguly fans to watch their idol back on the field.

But unfortunately, things didn’t turn out to be the same for Ganguly fans as expected. Under his captaincy, the Kolkata Knight Riders team backed the 6th position during the first season of Indian Premier League. This turn of events, lead coach John Buchanan to split the captaincy between Sourav Ganguly and Brendon McCullum during the 2009 season. The bat, as well as the pitch, were again a struggle for Sourav Ganguly and it was clear that Buchanan’s decision was not up to the mark. During this season team, Kolkata Knight Riders ended with a wooden spoon.

In conversation with our executive recently, the former coach of Kolkata Knight Riders team stated that Sourav Ganguly was not actually made and suited for the T20 format. He further shared that he thought during that time that a caption actually should be capable of taking a quick decision and his game should also suit the shorter format of the T20. 

He added that on reviewing the entire scenario it was brought to light that DADA was actually not suited for this format of the game and definitely not in the formal captaincy role. The former Australian coach still believes that the idea of split captaincy in Indian Premier League is a brilliant and unique idea for the team specifically during such long tournaments.

Ideally, it is way too much for a person to sense and perceive all the set of plays that one needs to pack in place along with the varied decision that one needs to take actually quickly. In the game today we expect every player to be a leader when he is on the field. For instance, as a bowler one is take charge of every delivery made by him. All the batsmen have to take the decision on the field without actually waiting for the captain or the coach for their inputs.

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