2020-09-15 11:46:43

Royal Challengers Bangalore has always been one of the tough contenders in IPL and from the looks of the training sessions that the team is undergoing, this year won’t be any different. Recently skipper Virat Kohli gave us a glimpse into the training session of the team and also highlighted how the team is getting back into the shape post forced break of 5 months. The player says that the “it’s a matter of feeling good”. The player is of the view that the techniques can be worked upon and polished but before the team reaches there it is important that the players reach their “optimum mindset”.

Skipper said that the objective of training sessions was not to push the players to their limits as the management understands that it’s been a while. The team aimed for a balanced approach so as to avoid injuries. Kohli plans on going on with the same strategy during the season also, giving ample off time to players. The skipper understands the condition of the players, having a first-hand experience himself. Kohli agreed that getting into the game after 5 months was “different”. Kohli said, “few shoulders were sore, initially, you realise a few muscles were asleep.”  But Kohli expressed his happiness over the fact that the team was in good shape.

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