Economic crisis on BCCI...? There may be salary cuts and even layoffs

2020-08-21 23:07:53
  • A BCCI official has expressed the possibility that the Indian board may also lay off and cut salary
  • Due to Corona virus, international cricket has not been done in the country for the last about 6 months
  • The Indian Premier League is also forced to get the BCCI out of the country in the UAE due to the epidemic
  • All the cricket boards around the world have cut the salary of players and staff due to financial constraints

New Delhi: The ill effects of the corona virus are beginning to appear on the financial health of BCCI, the world's richest cricket board. The Board of Control for Cricket in India seems to be stuck in the financial crisis. Therefore, BCCI can now take steps like salary cut or staff retrenchment. A BCCI official has indicated that top officials of the Indian board may soon discuss the possibility of a pay cut and layoffs keeping in mind all aspects.

As you know that, the BCCI has not yet taken steps like salary cuts or staff retrenchment in this covid-19 period. However, BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal indicated that a lot depends on the 13th season of the IPL, as a lot of money is at stake.

The official said, “We have not yet discussed the issue of pay cuts. But we will talk about it in the meeting and discuss what will be the effect of all these things, we will take a decision keeping all these things in mind. Yes, there is a possibility of salary cuts and layoffs.”

The official said, “Now that the IPL is happening, we will discuss on it. Much depends on the success of the IPL. The main sponsor agreement (222 crore) is no more than the previous contract (Vivo 440 crore). Let's see what can be done with the least amount of damage.”

As you know that, Cricket Australia, England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), West Indies Cricket and New Zealand Cricket Board have layoffs or cut salaries of their players and staff.

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