DDCA and Ferozeshah Kotla Stadium has lockdown due to covid-19

2020-09-08 14:32:38
  • A member of the DDCA staff was found to be covid-19 positive and had come to work without a negative test
  • DDCA joint secretary Rajan Manchanda has directed Kotla to be closed until further notice
  • Apart from this, there has also been talk of sanitization of the entire club premises

New Delhi: The Ferozeshah Kotla campus and the Delhi & District Cricket Association (DDCA) offices located inside it have been lockdown due to Corona virus infection. A member of the DDCA staff has been found to be covid-19 positive, which has led to the closure of the stadium and the Cricket Association’s office. DDCA joint secretary Rajan Manchanda has taken the tough step of lockdown by sending a notice via e-mail.

In the absence of the chairman and secretary (Vinod Tihara suspended), the only active officer Rajan Manchanda has directed Kotla to be closed until further notice. Not only this, many employees will have to undergo isolation and identify the people in contact with them. Because, the employee, who infected with covid-19, came to work without negative test.

Manchanda wrote an email directing to the administrative manager Neeraj Sharma, “I have come to know that the covid-19 positive case came to light in the DDCA today. Close the club immediately until further orders and sanitization of the entire club premises should be done as soon as possible.”

Manchanda is angry that the instructions to not return to work without the employees covid-19 negative certificate were violated. A show cause notice has been issued to the person found positive. According to the email, the office order was issued that whoever takes leave of covid symptoms will not come back to office without undergoing corona test.

It said, “But Mr. ........ (name not disclosed) returned to work without a covid negative test. In this regard, an immediate reply should be sought from them. It is necessary to strictly follow the office order. There is no scope of negligence at this time.”

When Manchanda was approached, he said, “It may be risky to open Kotla at this time. The office was open but now we have to close everything and after completing the time of isolation for everyone, we will consider reopening it. We can't take the risk.”

The DDCA was planning to start training in a phased manner for its potential players from the beginning of October but it is not yet certain whether this will happen as there has been a significant increase in covid-19 cases in Delhi in the last one week.

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