2020-09-12 11:07:03

Covid-19 has found its way to cricket fraternity. Bangladesh team is at risk as a batsman, Saif Hasan has been tested COVID positive. He is not the only one in the team to be tested positive but Nick Lee who is the strength and conditioning coach for the team has also been found infected with Coronavirus. Cricket world is trying its best to adjust to “new normal” but seems like Covid-19 is not in favour of the cricket tournaments that have started around the world. India is all ready to take IPL on the floor. All the teams have reached the venue and have started to practice. The venue had to be changed from India to UAE but the BCCI made sure that the game continues. Australia is on its tour to England and soon the players will be joining their respective teams for IPL matches. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are scheduled to play in the month of October. Thus, all the teams have resurfaced after the forced break of 5 months and are following all the rules and regulations laid down by the boards so that they can keep themselves and others healthy. 


Saif Hassan and Nick Lee have been found Covid-19 positive during the first round of test conducted by the country’s topmost cricket body. Team has been assured that they should not panic and the situation is under control. Both the infected members have been sent into isolation. Nick Lee is being further examined by the physicians to ascertain a few more details about the infection. The authorities and the doctors want to make sure where Lee get the infection from. He is being examined to check whether it is a new infection or old. This knowledge is important to decide further management plans. Dr Debashish Chowdhury who is Bangladesh Cricket Board’s sports physician gave this information. He said, “Our consultant for Covid-19 is reviewing Lee’s case to determine whether it is a new or previous infection before advising on the management plan.” Surely, the board does not want to take any chances with the health of its players and personnel.

Though these two cases would bring a change in the proceeding of the plan for the team. The team was to start with training session later this month for their scheduled tour to Sri Lanka. Learning from the incident of these two cases, the board is thinking of conduction a closed-door campaign. The team would stay at Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka where the players would have to follow strict rules and regulations to keep Corona at bay. Bangladesh is set to travel to Colombo on September 27 with its test squad and High-Performance Unit. Hope the team has a safe and successful season at Colombo.

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