‘Beyond the Boundary’: The Next Binge-Watch on Netflix

2020-08-17 12:21:03

The current pandemic situation has brought the entire family closer than ever. Also, the popular ‘FAANG’ (i.e. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) were there for everyone’s entertainment. Cricket, the favourite game in town was missed during this period by all fans. But Netflix came up with an answer to this problem too.

The ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2020 held this year between February 21 and March 8 has been recreated through this Netflix original called ‘Beyond the Boundary’. The cup finale was played on International Women’s Day (i.e. March 08). Melbourne saw the Australian women’s team clinch the title yet again for the fifth time defeating the Indian team in the finale. 

The women’s tournament saw the emergence of new stars in the game. This was the very first time that the audience was all the more excited and tuned into the game. The turnout was definitely worth the game. 

On the finale, (i.e. March 8, 2020, also celebrated as the International Women’s Day) saw over 86,174 spectators at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This was a record in itself as this was the highest number recorded in a match till date. This was not it, this match also received the highest viewership of the match in terms of broadcast viewership as well as digital engagement. This was again a record in itself. 


The game of cricket has its own action, excitement and emotion. The documentary ‘Beyond the Boundary’ will make the viewers relive the same at the comfort of their couches after a tiering Work From Home schedule. Running from live commentaries to the heart-throb matches, tireless training and absorbing visuals have all created intrinsic imagery for the viewers. 

One can also gauge the progress of the various teams throughout this journey along with the emotional pressures that they face both during and after the match. 

As per ICC Chief Executive Manu Sawhney, this documentary is actually capturing both the on-field action as well as the internal drama from the tournament. Ranging from the dressing room footages to the BTS (behind the scene) footages, there is more to highlight the event. Yes, it is pop star Katy Perry’s dynamic performance right before as well as after the finale. This documentary has set a new benchmark for not just women’s cricket but also for all women’s sport. 

The Netisians are definitely going to enjoy watching ‘Beyond the Boundary’ as it has beautifully cinematised the landmark event. It is not just a must-watch for all cricket fans but even for the general public. It has simply recreated the unforgettable tournament which broke all viewing and attendance records.

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