2020-09-08 18:07:27

The time of the pandemic, Covid-19, is a tough time for everybody around the globe. It has made us change our habits and our lifestyle. Washing hands and using hand sanitizer is a must at this time. But who would have thought that this habit would cause suspension of a player? Yes, you heard it right. Covid-19 have made many people jobless but none of them has lost their jobs for applying sanitizer, unlike, veteran Australian seamer, Mitch Claydon. It might sound astonishing to your ears and eyes but this is a true incident and quite a recent one. During the pandemic, we have heard quite a great deal of surprising news but this is a first where a cricketer has been suspended for the application of sanitizer. The catch here is, that Claydon had not applied sanitizer on his hands but the ball.


The England and Wales Cricket Board has taken some strict actions related to the county matches that had taken place recently. Team Sussex and Middlesex recently played a match. Mitch Claydon as a part of Team Sussex took three wickets and was praised for his excellent performance. But what happened after the match that made The England and Wales Cricket Board take such a strict action against the player who played such a splendid game? The board had to open a case against Mitch Claydon for the same match that took place between Team Sussex and Middlesex. His English County has suspended him after Claydon has been placed under investigation. An investigation has been started on Mitch Claydon for allegedly applying hand sanitizer to the ball. Though the mystery has not been solved yet since the player has come under the radar for applying hand sanitizer to the ball, he has been dropped by his county and remains to be so.

No clarifications have been made as to what was the impact of hand sanitizer on the ball and why the player did so but surely, the outcome has been strict. It also serves as a lesson for the cricket fraternity that hand sanitizers are not to be placed anywhere near cricket equipment.

Sussex has briefly touched upon this topic and has provided a small clarification on their official website stating, “Mitch Claydon is suspended pending the outcome of an ECB allegation of placing hand sanitiser on the ball in our match against Middlesex. There will be no further comment at this stage,”. As the county has made it clear that no further comments will be made regarding the same, it shows that the matter is quite sensitive and the county does not want to be irresponsible about the issue.

The times are sensitive and strict protocols are being followed by teams. Under new regulations, the bowlers are not allowed to use saliva to shine the ball and here, Claydon used sanitizer. Indeed, a different and unique case. This one mistake of Claydon has got him out of the next match, i.e. Bob Wills Trophy which Sussex is going to play against Surrey.

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