2020-08-25 13:13:52

Cricket, a gentlemen’s game. This is the tagline that we remember since time immemorial whenever we think of cricket. But like every other sector of the ever-changing world, cricket has started to make way for its female players and rightly so as the talent is not slave to a particular gender. Womenfolk around the world, have proving themselves equally equipped to take on the sports field. Be it Tennis, Badminton or Cricket, females have started to claim their share of fame and success in sports. Looking at the Indian Women Cricket team makes us proud but what makes us even more proud is the fact that women are not limited by the boundaries of countries now. On one hand, Indian players are making their mark on international cricket and on the other hand, some women of Indian ethnicity are shining as the star players in various countries. Here we are, to talk about one such bright star, Anuradha Doddaballapur.


Anuradha, recently created a buzz of her name in around the world with her stunning performance. Anuradha left the players, fans and the world in awe of her bowling skills as she took four wickets in four consecutive balls in women’s T20 international. Anuradha Doddaballapur is the captain of the German women’s cricket team and her performance tells us why she is the best player to hold the captaincy. Anuradha is a right arm pacer of Indian origin. This brilliant performance of hers has made her a record-breaking player. She has surpassed the record of 5/6 which was created by Sri Lankan pacer, Lasith Malinga against New Zealand in 2019. Anuradha finished off her great start with 5/1 and got herself in the list of the captains who have created best figures in the international T20 matches. Doddaballapur has not only broken the record of world famous Malinga but also has become the first woman in the history of cricket to have established such a marvellous milestone to follow. Interestingly, there is one more player other than Malinga who has set the same figures and that is Afghanistan’s Rashid Khan but women’s cricket is celebrating their first four-wickets-in-four-consecutive-balls record.


We all can agree on one fact that it was great day for Germany and German women’s cricket team. But aren’t we all curious to know how the magic happened that took women’s cricket leaps and bounds ahead. 

German cricket team or popularly known as Golden Eagles, were going for the kill that day. It was good day for the game and German team had already taken the lead with 198 runs that too without losing a single wicket. The opposition, Austria, was already under massive pressure. Though, interestingly, this mammoth score of German team, did not include any sixes but 19 boundaries. Christina Gough and Janet Ronalds were doing their best, creating a dream partnership for the second time in their partnership history of this series. We can see the stage is all set for the German team to dazzle their armors. Team Austria tried its best to compete against Germany but this is where Anuradha smashed four consecutive balls right into the fragile dream of victory that Austria had. Jo-Antoinette Stiglitz, Tugce Kazanci , Anisha Nookala and Priya Sabu  had to go back to the pavilion as soon as they had entered the ground to prove their mettle. Only Antoinette Stiglitz could manage to hit one single run on the pitch. Other 3 players had to go empty handed from the field. And the player of Indian origin, Anuradha Doddaballapur had created a world record by that time. This five- match series has brought Germany at 27th place in the ICC T20 rankings. Anuradha Doddaballapur’s was not the only feat that we got from this series to celebrate but her teammate, Anne Bierwisch had also made a hat-trick in the previous match. These women are surely taking cricket to another level and making the world of sports wide open for girls aspiring to join the field.


Anuradha Doddaballapur, the captain of German women’s team, sounded grateful, hopeful and happy after her great achievement and the team’s splendid victory over Austria. Anuradha has represented Karnataka State Cricket Association in her past and knows the struggle of women cricket very well. All her experience and delight could be felt through the short message that she tweeted after her team’s victory over Austria.

Anuradha write on Twitter, “5-0 series win against Austria, record breaking stuff from batters and bowlers alike. Love this @GoldenEagles_DE team and so very proud of what we’ve achieved! That’s 9 T20I wins in a row.” One great point to note here is that the skipper did not even once mention about her glorious record but like a true captain kept going on and on about the wonders of her teammates. This is what makes a teammate worthy of becoming a captain and Anuradha clearly checks that column. It is no wonder that Anuradha is the captain of the team as a lady with such sportsmanship spirit would only take the team towards the pinnacle of success.

“I’d like to thank everyone at Austria cricket for hosting us despite the current circumstances. We are excited to take the field again after a seemingly long break” This is what Anuradha had stated in the beginning of the series. The player, surely, appears to be confident in her speech and even before all the records that have been made, Anuradha was her calm and confident self. The “long break” that she talked about in her speech before the series seems to have done wonders for the German team rather than making them lose their touch. This series is a testimony of all the hours that the players must have spent sweating on the field during practice and no one can deny that practice paid off well!

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