2020-08-26 12:41:05

Captain Cool, MS Dhoni, announced his retirement on August 15th through an Instagram post and since then social media sites have been flooded with posts that describe Dhoni as a great player, incredible captain and amazing human being. Fans and celebrities, politicians and business men, players and commentators, we have seen everybody commenting upon how Dhoni is going to be missed. But amidst this huge Dhoni wave what no one had expected was Prime Minister’s tribute to Dhoni. Yes, our very own PM, Mr. Narendra Modi has not expressed his feeling via a two-line Tweet but wrote a heartfelt letter to our former skipper. And why we say heartfelt? The letter comes from the core of PM’s heart as it doesn’t only talk about what an astounding captain and player he has been but the journey he had to complete, to become what he is to millions today.


PM Modi addressed Dhoni as “Dear Mahendra” in his letter which is enough to signify the connection that he must have felt with the cricketer. PM has tracked Dhoni’s cricket journey and struggles in his letter, mentioning how it had been immensely difficult for him to have an unconventional dream “in a small town”. He goes on stating how his achievements made him into a star and made India proud. The PM writes “Where we come from does not matter as long as we know where we are headed”. This single line speaks volume about the cricketer, his strong will power, determination and great game. Simultaneously, the use of “we” by the PM makes us wonder whether he sees a part of himself in Dhoni as both the great men have had humble beginnings. But driven by determination, they achieved what they had headed for.

Dhoni’s fandom was not restricted to metro cities but reached the depths of rural India as people saw him for somebody they could connect with. Dhoni and PM Modi, both assured the masses of the power of an individual and his dreams.


Our country is abuzz with the talks of nepotism at the moment. Whether it is politics or film industry, people in power because of family name are being ridiculed and criticised. PM’s letter to Dhoni touches upon the same topic but with extreme subtlety. PM describes Dhoni as “one of the important illustrations of the spirit of new India”. He has presented Dhoni as an ambassador of youth. He states that Dhoni made a mark on the land of cricket not because of a high-profile background but on the basis of his talent. PM also talks about Dhoni’s willingness to take risks and being able to perform his best even under high pressure. Dhoni has been called the player of new generation by PM, time and again in his letter. PM mentions that the young generation keeps themselves cool under nerve-wracking situation. He completed this sentence stating, “we saw that in many of your innings and games.” Which again makes Dhoni an example of composure for youth.

Dhoni surely will be missed but his send off in the second innings of his life had been phenomenal, just as the captain deserved.

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