2020: A dark year in the history of domestic cricket?

2020-09-08 13:34:44

As months have passed by BCCI (Board of Control of Cricket in India) has borne the brunt of the pandemic which is the root cause of the crisis in the country. The board has been unable to host any domestic cricket yet and is now pondering the feasibility and safety aspect of hosting any cricket this season.

Due to the alarming number of cases being recorded every day, it is only logical for the BCCI to question whether any of the older premier domestic tournaments like the Ranji & Duleep Trophy, Vijay Hazare & Deodhar Trophy, Syed Mushtaq or the U-23 CK Nayadu Trophy can or rather should be conducted this season.

The current head of the BCCI Sourav Ganguly reported on 22nd august that we might witness a trimmed-down session of domestic cricket including a shorter Ranji Trophy. While we witness multiple organizations working to tone down the effects of this virus an alarming number of cases have been turning up every day making it hard for the board to land a decision, keeping in mind the safety of the payers and the future of the game.

Even after all these efforts undertaken by the BCCI they face a massive roadblock in the form of getting a green light from the various state and city decision-makers, because of the high-risk factor that comes into play when you think of creating a bio-safe environment for 37 Ranji teams, 5 Duleep Trophy teams and multiple other domestic cricket teams. Other than this a list of safety guidelines and standards that must be in place for the players and the organizing committee like travel and accommodation pose a threat to a positive decision in the favour of domestic cricket this season.

Most of us have heard about the IPL being conducted in the UAE this year, however, the IPL is more of a global phenomenon which has it’s economic ties elsewhere. Keeping in mind that this well-furnished business model is a mammoth of an event and being unable to conduct an IPL will have adverse effects even out of the spheres of the game of cricket.

Numbers rising up to thousands of players across varied age groups will be at risk if we host these games with half-hearted measures. Conforming to this statement the state associations pose a question to the BCCI as to what took them so long to start this discussion even though they might have seen it coming long ago.

It might be a while before the committees arrive at a mutual decision keeping in mind the different aspects of the situation, but Cric News 24 understands that the final decision will be for the welfare of everybody concerned.

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